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  June 29th 2005

The first float is finally out of its plug!

Most of the team will now focus on building the second float while one or two workers will get the first float's shape smooth.

  June 24th 2005
The two half floats have been glued together! The first float will be released next week and the building of the second float will start right after that.
  June 22nd 2005
The bulkheads are in place in the first half float.

The team is preparing the float to be removed from the plug in order to put the two halves together next friday.

  June 20th 2005
The first half float has been laminated this morning .The next step after having laminated the second half float is to fit the bulkheads .
  June 15th 2005
The gluing and sanding of the Poyolight of the two half floats is finished.The first skins will be laminated next monday .
  June 10th 2005
all the battens have been screwed on the first float !The next steps is to glue them before laminating them...
  April 10th 2005
The first plug used to build the floats is almost ready!Once the plug leveled, the first battens will be fitted ...
  March 21st 2005
The sections of the first plug are finished. They have been machined numerically. Those sections will be fitted on the plug..
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