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Atlantique Records regroups around one man a whole team which is complementary in its competences whether ashore or offshore, putting all its motivation chasing sailing records.

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July 20th 2005 The assembly of the main hull has started. The first programs for the milling machine are running and the plug will be started tomorow.
 June 20th 2005 A contact with Geneva University has been made in order to setup an original pedagogy with the schools about the countries the boat will cross.
 June 13th 2005 The team met a school director in Saint Brieux in order to discuss the pedagogical program during the records atempts.
 June 4th 2005 An article about the building of Némo was shown several times on the French TV France 3.
 May 28th 2005 Interview of the teamby a Journalist from RTL. His article will be shown on monday morning.
 May 20th 2005 the building of the floats is progressing. In 2 weeks, Laurent will be helped by 4 more students of the Wood School.

. Follow the building of Némo !

  July 13th 2005

The first float ready to be laminated and the second one is out of its plug! The next step is to get the outside of the second float ready in order to laminate the two floats together.

The first parts of the main hull's plug will start to be put together by the end of next week.

  June 29th 2005

The first float is finally out of its plug!

Most of the team will now focus on building the second float while one or two workers will get the first float's shape smooth.

  June 24th 2005

The two half floats have been glued together!

The first float will be released next week and the building of the second float will start right after that.

  June 22nd 2005

The bulkheads are in place in the first half float.

The team is preparing the float to be removed from the plug in order to put the two halves together next friday.

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